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Interested in Curtain Walls?

Use Superior Stone Veneer Panels

TerraCORE Panels offers a lightweight reinforced stone cladding system that can be used as a spandrel or as an infill panel in virtually any curtain wall system. While the details may vary slightly from system to system, these lightweight panels weigh less than a 1” piece of insulated glass and can easily be “glazed” directly into a mullion pocket. This is especially beneficial because the engineering is already complete. Additionally, the fiberglass sheet that lies between the stone and the aluminum honeycomb core creates a waterproof barrier. Finally, the continuous aluminum backing provides the benefit of a radiant barrier while providing the needed rigidity to perform within a curtain wall system.

The construction principles and physical properties of TerraCORE Panels offer a new realm of design possibilities for application, fabrication, transportation and installation ease, not available with, nor comparable to dimensional stone products. These reinforced stone panels can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses – generally 1”, but also from 3/”8 up to 1 1/4” nominal – while offering a strength coefficient 60 times stronger than dimensional stone. Since its inception nearly 40 years ago, these lightweight stone products have been used successfully around the world on both exterior and interior cladding projects.

The Increasing Popularity of Lightweight Stone Panels

Due to expanding technologies and the demand for LEED specific products, thin-stone veneers are becoming the norm rather than the exception, as the right solution for the high-performance demands placed on traditional stone cladding. This change presents a radical departure from the use of heavy dimensional stone as a load-bearing element, as opposed to a non-load bearing facade. Because the stone is thoroughly bonded to a continuous fiberglass substrate using the highest quality epoxies, it can mitigate the common concerns:

  • Hysteresis
  • Rift planes
  • Micro-fractures
  • Displacement
  • Cracking
  • Sprawling
  • Water intrusion
  • Thermal movement
  • Gravity
  • Wind
  • Seismic rack and shear
  • Handling loads
  • Stone’s ultimate failure

Compared to thick traditional stone, our panels can reduce the dead load on curtain wall systems because the panels weigh less than 7.0 lbs. per square foot. Our stone veneer panels have been tested in wind speeds higher than 300 mph and are formulated to withstand impacts caused by hurricanes and flying debris. In large missile-impact testing, a 2” × 4” merely bounces off our panel while shattering or punching a hole through a typical 3 cm thick dimensional stone panel.

Simply put, aesthetics, performance, and economics all come together when this product is incorporated into any design. As a design medium, our lightweight stone panels allow an architect and owner choices from a stellar array of colors, finishes, and textures that can be used on any project. Simultaneously, they offer the same timeless, monumental, and enduring hallmark that stone adds to any building exterior or interior. In addition to these many advantages, TerraCORE Panels can be used to help acquire LEED accreditation.

Call TerraCORE Panels for High-Quality Service

TerraCORE Panels offers a general contractor peace of mind by not having to deal with brittle dimensional stone material that will crack, sprawl, or shatter under typical stresses. Due to its lightweight nature, construction dollars are saved and recouped during the initial structural analysis, intermediate preparation, installation and interim financing. TerraCORE Panels do not have the typical expansion-contraction ratios common in dimensional panels and can be installed in virtually any weather condition. Because a backer rod and structural silicone sealant are used at joint locations, there isn’t any need for mortar set-up, temperature control, and / or curing.

Worried about installation? Don’t be! TerraCORE Panels has more than 20 installation crews available to install your project anywhere in the United States. If you have your own installers, TerraCORE Panels can also provide installation drawings during the shop drawing process for an additional fee.

When you use TerraCORE Panels on your next project, you’ve chosen the future of stone in its best reinforced lightweight state while conserving natural resources. Call (214) 749-0999 today.