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Lightweight Stone Panels for Your Elevators

TerraCORE Panels for Elevator Design & Renovation

At TerraCORE Panels, our reinforced lightweight stone panels are the solution to the Elevator industry’s dimensional stone design problems.

Whether it’s new or retrofit construction, we save our clients thousands of dollars in mechanical equipment costs, recalibration, and time. TerraCORE Panels easily becomes the right choice when you stop to consider a product that provides various advantages, including but not limited to:

  • 80% less weight
  • Longer lasting
  • Impact resistant
  • Can be prefabricated for immediate installation on any wall, floor, or ceiling without the use of mortar

Our custom designed panels can be manufactured using granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and sandstone. Likewise, a multitude of finishes, such as polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, antiqued, or acid washing can be incorporated into your elevator design. As an added feature, we can inlay mosaics, plaques, wood, metal, or even water jet etch a custom-made, beautiful design into your stone veneer panels.

What are the benefits?

Building owners have all experienced high maintenance costs and the deterioration of cheap elevator cladding when renovating elevator cabs. Our panels are extremely durable, and resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 2 cm dimensional stone.

They easily withstand the day-to-day impacts, dings, dents, and abuses common in most elevator traffic. These panels can also be sealed to withstand oil and water penetration. As a result, our stone veneer panels have a low life-cycle cost and are virtually maintenance free. These natural stone panels offer elegance, beauty, and durability for elevator cab walls, ceilings, and floors.

Some of the benefits of using our panels include:

  • Amazing ROI (return on investment) to any old building
  • Upgrades a building’s image and increases tenant occupancy
  • Gives existing tenants a certain satisfaction of knowing they are working in a beautiful stone building

There are multiple reasons why our panels are selected for elevator cab modernization. If you’ve been looking for a new image that has a natural stone facing, look no further than TerraCORE Panels for your immediate and future needs.

If you are interested in our stone veneer panels for your elevators, call us at (214) 749-0999 today to begin.