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Hospitality Panels

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With our pioneering prefab paneling system, you can create the ultimate spa experience at a price that won't hurt your bottom line. All of the panels that we offer are lightweight, easy to install, and very cost-effective. With an extensive variety of options available to you, your imagination is the only limit! Find out more about our stone panel flooring by calling TerraCORE Panels!

Some of the advantages of our prefab paneling system include:

  • Light-weight panels that are easy to handle for semi-skilled workers
  • Watertight sealing that is perfect for all types of baths and showers
  • A wide variety of stones to choose from
  • Proven high-speed production and installation
  • Major work done in the factory, reducing the work necessary on-site
  • No wet work, waste, or debris on-site
  • Renovation along with normal business operations is possible
  • High-quality workmanship with easy retrofitting
  • Cheaper building costs

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Durable. Beautiful. Quick.

Our prefab panels with honeycomb backing are perfect for wall panels, cladding, and curved panels. The prefab panels that we offer with Fiberstone backing are ideal for floor panels, pattern flooring, and other high-strength needs. Both options are extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and waterproof - the perfect solution for any shower or bath area!

Compared to traditional installation, our company offers remarkably fast results in a fraction of the time. This includes both high-speed production and installation of the panels. During the installation process, you will enjoy significantly lower building costs, from the cost of transportation to more affordable stone that is less natural and easily attaches to your drywall. Using prefabricated material, the necessity for skilled workers on site is reduced and the savings are passed on to you!

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