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Unprecedented Shipping and Delivery Standards

TerraCORE Panels Unprecedented Shipping and Delivery Standards

TerraCORE Panels is proud of its unprecedented standards for assuring each of our product orders is delivered with precision, in that the stone or porcelain delivered is what the customer asked for, and is in as pristine condition possible. Following production, each panel is laid out and then numbered to correspond with project elevations. Before panels are shipped, each one is inspected for accuracy and imperfection in the stone, and then they are carefully packaged to ensure a smooth delivery at the job site. Once panels arrive on site, contractors have the opportunity to carefully look over the panels for their own satisfaction before installation begins.

TerraCORE provides a repair kit with each order as natural stone can chip during installation. TerraCORE works closely with contractors to provide a product that stands out and is sustainable for years to come.

For further information on how to enhance your next project, please reach out online or call our toll-free number at 1-800-503-2062.

Bill Trager
23 October 2014
Dallas, Texas

Delivery Standards