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Benefits of Using Natural Stone Surfacing

When it comes to remodeling or upgrading pools, patios, paths, or driveways, more and more people are turning to aesthetic and durable natural stone surfaces. Natural stone surfaces require little maintenance, are durable through any kind of weather, and can be stunning to look at.

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5 Reasons to Install Natural Stone Surfacing

There are many positive reasons to choose stone surfacing when remodeling your property, including:

1. Increase the property value and curb appeal of your home

Whether you are improving your residential home or a commercial property, natural stone surfacing can greatly improve the value of your investments. Many people believe that natural stone costs more than the concrete equivalent, but that isn’t necessarily true. When compared to concrete, natural stone has more capacity to improve the curb appeal of your property and is a better investment.

2. More environmentally friendly

Natural stone surfaces are considered a “greener,” safer option for the environment. Concrete products create large amounts of pollution and a big carbon footprint when being manufactured. Even though stone surfaces do require shaping, packaging, and transportation, the footprint created for stone surface products is small in comparison to concrete alternatives. Stone surfaces are not created, making them a natural part of the Earth’s life-cycle.

3. Unique, interesting patterns and colors

Part of the charm of natural aesthetics is the unique and unaltered qualities to each piece. Every stone has an individual blend of colors and patterns that make it completely its own. Natural stones don’t try to mimic uniformity the way concrete products do, which makes them more forgiving to changes that occur over the wearing of weather elements and time.

4. Requires little to no maintenance

When you think about ancient structures that have lasted for centuries, typically they are made of natural stones. Because of its density and durability, natural stone surfacing requires very little maintenance. Certain types of stone, such as granite or limestone, resist moisture and can endure heavy weight and use. Occasionally, your stone surface may need a cleaning, but it will often not need deep cleaning, sealing, or crack repair.

5. The naturally safer choice

Many people choose natural stone surfaces because they tend to create excellent no-slip surfaces. The safety in the textured surface makes them ideal for poolside patios, where people are likely to slip and hurt themselves on alternative surfaces. Some stone surfaces can even be frost resistant, making them less slippery during the icy winters and keeping them safe from frost damage.

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