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Keeping Tiles & Veneer Clean for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast, and that means home gatherings and parties with family and friends. You don’t just want to keep your home in host-ready condition—you also don’t want to stress over big cleaning jobs after the festivities. Keeping your tile veneer clean during the season can be a big headache, but with the right preparation, you can minimize wear and tear and avoid big cleanups.

Check out our tips below to clean and protect stone, vinyl, porcelain, metal, hardwood, or any other type of veneer during the holidays.

Tips to Keep Tile Floors Clean

  • Floor Mats: Entryway floor mats can stop the majority of dirt, moisture, and other debris (up to 90%). You can place a mat at your front door, and any other entrance to your home, and cut down on the clean-up work later. Choose mats with holiday motifs to maintain the festive spirit!
  • Remove Shoes Indoors: Many homeowners take their shoes off while in their own home, and they may also ask their guests to do so too. This option is always open, although some guests may be put off by the request. Have fun with it—offer booties, slippers, and festive socks as a gift in exchange for taking their shoes off in your home!
  • Floor-Scrape Protection: With guests and family over, your furniture is probably going to move around a lot. Lots of scraping chair and table legs are bound to leave a mark if left unchecked. If you’re going to be rearranging heavy furniture or expecting to move furniture frequently, invest in some felt floor protectors to stick on the bottoms of furniture legs.

How Do I Clean A Dirty or Scuffed Floor?

  • Cleaning Off Scuff Marks: Hard surfaces are prime real estate for scuffmarks. Whether you have hardwood, stone tile, porcelain tile, or another similar veneer, you can use tennis balls and spritz balls with silicone spray to remove most scuff marks!
  • Effective Brush Tools for Cleaning: For spills, sponge roller mops can quickly absorb the liquid and prevent sticky residue. Rubber-bristle brushes will keep pet fur and hair from building up. Microfiber mops are essential for clearing up dirt and dust, and can be used for damp cleaning as well.

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