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Our lightweight cladding panels are changing the way architects design

TerraCORE's lightweight cladding panels offer enhanced durability, unparalleled impact resistance, water impenetrability, significant weight reduction and lower project costs.

Find the material that is
right for you

TerraCORE’s lightweight cladding solutions offer a wide range of materials to suit our clients’ needs, including natural stone, large format porcelain, brick, glass, GFRC and mosaic tile.

  • TerraCORE by GammaStone

    Lightweight veneer panels providing a range of material options.

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  • TerraCORE by Fiandre

    Large-format porcelain panels. A cost-effective alternative to stone. Watch to learn more.

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  • Durable

    Weatherproof, impact-resistant & flexible

  • 80% Lighter

    Allows for lean structures and faster installation

  • Ease of Use

    Simple design allows easier and faster installation

  • Wide Variety

    Supports virtually any stone, porcelain or metal

Save cost on installation

Utilizing an interlocking clip and rail system, installation is simple. Align the rails on the building and attach the panels using the clips on the back. Download our Installation Manual:

Professional installing stone panel cladding onto a building.