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Our Available Stone Choices

High-Quality Lightweight Stone Panels

Provided a slab can be quarried to fit the desired honeycomb panel size, TerraCORE Panels can supply many of the 9,000+ stones available worldwide. As TerraCORE Panels is a global company, our standard selections are but a small representation of the wide range of natural granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and sandstone slabs available.

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More durable than solid dimensional stone, TerraCORE Panels combines the advantages of high strength and low weight by reinforcing stone veneers with CORE substrate materials such as honeycomb, polymer aluminum, ceramic, glass, fire retardant, and fiberglass backings. Standard finished panel sizes range from a typical 2’ x 4’ panel or smaller up to 4’–7 1/8” x 9’–2 1/4”. Panel sizes will vary based on which stone type is selected and what CORE material is going to be used. Maximum panel sizes along with the desired finish must be verified prior to design.

Our stone veneer panels can be textured to reflect a polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, antiqued, or acid washed finish. We even offer water jet etching and inlays as an option. Once the sheets are processed, they are cut to size in order to match the desired module size. By providing our customers with the best lightweight reinforced products that preserve the beauty of an authentic natural stone, we are able to realize a vital part of our mission statement.

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