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An innovative alternative to traditional stone

TerraCORE by Gammastone's panel veneer system provides a lightweight alternative to heavy traditional cladding and honeycomb products.

Our panels are composed of 4 key layers:

  1. Stainless steel backing
  2. Structural core
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Cladding veneer

Between our structural foam and honeycomb, there is no comparison.

For any component panel system, the strength of adhesion is everything. With 100% surface area for adhesion, the adhesive strength of our structural foam core is far superior to traditional panels.
  • An example of what 100% coverage looks like with a Gammastone panel 100% Coverage

    Adhered to a solid surface area

  • An example of what 32.4% coverage looks like with a Gammastone panel 32.4%

    Cell Width: 6mm Wall Thickness: 0.06mm

  • An example of what 16.5% coverage looks like with a Gammastone panel 16.7%

    Cell Width: 9.5mm Wall Thickness: 0.04mm

Attachment clips

Installation is fast, simple and easy.

Utilizing TerraCORE's interlocking clip and rail system, GammaStone AIR panels can be installed rapidly, ultimately saving not only time but money.

Clip and rail attachment system

Interlocking clip and rail system.

The panels come preinstalled with clips on the back of the panels that attach to the nails, which can be anchored to steel studs, grits and other facade systems. Details can be downloaded here.

Side of building

Lighter is better

Our structural core panel veneer products requires less steel and a lighter attachment system, allowing architects to design leaner buildings that ultimately are more affordable.

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Choose virtually any stone

We offer a nearly unlimited array of cladding material choices, including natural stone, porcelain, brick, glass, GFRC and mosaic tiles. Find more information and color options below:

building architecture

Achieving architectural elements

Using advanced production techniques, we are able to replicate large architectural elements like spandrels, columns, copings and more.

  • Natural Stone
    Natural Stone

    Stone panels providing a natural touch without the weight of dimensional stone.

  • Gres Porcelain

    Porcelain with a structural backing, allowing for detailed architectural elements.

  • Brick

    Natural or porcelain brick panels prefabricated and ready to be installed upon delivery.

  • Glass

    Glass-faced panels that are strong, easy to install and incredibly lightweight.

  • GFRC

    Lightweight alternative to GFRC cladding systems which come in a variety of textures.

  • Mosaic tile
    Mosaic Tile

    Panelized mosaic tiles that come in a variety of colors, are prefabricated and easy to install.