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Lightweight cladding-backed porcelain inspired by the beauty of natural stone

TerraCORE incorporates large-format porcelain that provides a durable, eco-friendly option for our our innovative lightweight panel system.

Diverse and versatile

Leveraging an extensive network large-format porcelain suppliers, TerraCORE can supply a variety of colors and finishes that mimic a wide range of stone, steel, slate and other materials.

Unparalleled strength

Miami-Dade certified, TerraCORE's backing provides added strength and impact resistance to large-format porcelain.

TerraCore Panels


  • Water Resistant

    Prevents against water penetration and discoloring

  • Chemical Resistant

    Resists artificial and natural chemical stains

  • UV Protection

    Protects against discoloration from exposure to the sun

  • Graffiti Resistant

    Allows for easy cleaning, even for graffiti

Choose from a range of styles and colors

From slate to concrete to natural stone, we have the porcelain options that will suit your needs.