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Reinforced Challenge

How does the competition measure up?

Test Results


Competitor 1 Competitor 2
ASTM C-880 Flexural Strength Granite 2,172 psi
ASTM C-880 Flexural Strength Limestone 2,101 psi
ASTM D-897 Tensile Test for Adhesive Bond 302 psi
ASTM D-897 Tensile Strength Rapid Freeze/Thaw 358 psi
ASTM E-84 Surface Burning (Class A or I) Passed
ASTM E-283 Air Infiltration (Negative Wind Load) Passed
ASTM E-330 Uniform Load Deflection 1 panel 260 psf
ASTM E-330 Uniform Load Deflection 2 panels 65 psf
ASTM E-330 Uniform Load Structural 1 panel 390 psf
ASTM E-330 Uniform Load Structural 2 panels 97.5 psf
ASTM E-331 Water Resistance Passed
ASTM E-1886 Cyclic Testing Passed
ASTM E-1996 Impact Resistant Zones 1 – 4 Passed
“CORE” Substrate Materials TerraCORE
Honeycomb (any thickness) Yes
Ceramic Back (up to 36″ square) Yes
Polymer Aluminum Yes
Glass (translucent) Yes
Fiberglass Yes
Specifications TerraCORE
Large-Format Porcelain from Techlam® Yes
Aluminum “T” construction Yes
Aluminum “I” construction Yes
LC’s attached w/ 4 braided fasteners per clip Yes
Aluminum back skin (does not naturally bow) Yes
Radiant Barrier Yes
Partnerships TerraCORE
Architectural Record Yes
CDC (drafting & engineering services) Yes
Dupont sealant (factory applied) Yes
Laticrete (stone adhesive & epoxy thin set) Yes
Hanjin Logistics (no frt. claim guarantee) Yes
Techlam® by Levantina Yes
TerraCORE Surfacing System (Complimentary Products) TerraCORE
Dimensional Stone Yes
2cm & 3cm Counter Tops Yes
Stone tile w/ Interlocking Planks Yes
3/8″ Tile (up to 18″ square) & Inlays Yes
Shower Pans & Shower Enclosures Yes
Shaped Trim, Moldings & Cast Stone Yes
Columns, Capitals & Paver Stone Yes
Fireplaces, Balusters, etc. Yes
Turnkey Surface Provider Yes
Large-Format Porcelain Yes
Metal Panels Yes
Fascia Brick Panels Yes