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Why Use TerraCORE Panels?

Over 10 Years of Superior Service & Innovative Products

As an alternative to traditional stone cladding, TerraCORE Panels are simply unparalleled. Our stone veneer panels have saved our customers- including leading architects, engineers, and designers-time, money, and labor. Our unique interlocking channel system allows panels to be installed anywhere dimensional stone or porcelain is installed.

Our high-quality lightweight stone panels are the preferred choice by many customers because:

  • They offer stability and durability - our panels are weatherproof!
  • They offer faster installation - up to 25 to 50 panels a day
  • They are lightweight - our panels are 5 times lighter than traditional stone cladding

As a single source product line, we are a sole distributor, which lowers costs for our customers because of consolidated freight and fewer contracts involved. Our efforts to exceed the expectations of our clientele have led to excellent customer satisfaction across the board.

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Careful Packaging to Ensure Precision & Sustainability

Known for our precision, we take great efforts to ensure that each porcelain or stone order is made exactly the way our customers requested. This is why our packaging process is meticulous and thorough, to make sure our products are delivered in pristine conditions.

After production, our packaging process consists of the following steps:

  • Each panel is numbered to correspond with project elevations
  • Each panel is inspected for accuracy and imperfection in the stone before shipping
  • Each panel is carefully packaged to ensure a smooth delivery at the job site
  • When panels arrive on site, contractors have the opportunity to carefully look over the panels for their own satisfaction before installation begins

Because natural stone can chip during installation, we also provide a repair kit with each order. We have thought of everything! By working closely with contractors and our customers, we can ensure the sustainability and quality of our products for many years to come.

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